Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies – France / USA


High precision instruments for detection and analysis of sample radioactivity, identification of radionuclide and quantification of activity used in laboratories, research, education, defense and NPPa

Alpha Analyst

Completely integrated Alpha Spectroscopy Instrument. The Mirion Alpha Analyst along with Apex-Alpha™ software is the complete solution for both routine and non-routine
alpha spectroscopy applications. The Alpha Analyst system is a turnkey instrument solution from Mirion.

Gamma Spectroscopy

Mirion offers high, medium and low-resolution detector systems, signal processing electronics, and gamma spectroscopy software for the qualification and quantification of gamma emitting nuclides. For nuclear facilities, as well as by off-site environmental counting labs.

Alpha/Beta Counting

Mirion offers a range of automatic and manually-controlled low background alpha/beta counters. Most systems use gas flow proportional technology but the family also includes the iSeries™ instruments of manual and automatic counters which require no counting gas.


The SPIR-Ace unit is a versatile Radio Isotope Identification Device (RIID) addressing all applications requiring efficient detection and identification of radiological threats in security applications, including civil defense, border security and customs

Colibri TTC & Colibri VLD

Hand-Held Health Physics Communication ALARA Platform.
The Colibri survey meter is a comprehensive health physics instrument with unique characteristics that can lower the dose exposure of HP technicians and other workers in radiation areas.

Fastscan-Whole Body Counter

The FASTSCAN system uses large area sodium iodide detectors and Apex-InVivo™ and Genie™ software to achieve low minimum detectable activities with count times as fast as one minute. The Mirion FASTSCAN whole body counter is designed to quickly and accurately monitor people.


EcoGamma-g monitor is an advanced, dual detector, environmental gamma radiation monitor designed to operate in the most extreme conditions with unsurpassed accuracy, range and stability. Advanced, dual detector, environmental gamma radiation monitor designed for unattended monitoring.

RAD – 62 Dosimeter

RAD-62 System Dosimeter is an integrated
solid state dosimeter with a full range of functions for use in the automatic dose management systems. It forms a highly cost effective package with its outstanding performance and is handy and convenient to use even by people wearing protective clothing.

RDS – 32 Survey Meter

Next Generation Survey Meter. One device for covering both daily duties and follow-up response intervention: Wide range version. Key features accessible by a click of a button with custom shortcuts: direct access to specific features from the keypad.Small in size but powerful for users. Wireless telemetry for online supervision