Design, manufacture and marketing of classical microbiology devices

In your microbiology lab

To solve a tedious or insecure job or a problem that requires the use of an automatic device.

Eddy Jet 2W – Spiral plater

This cutting-edge spiral plater automates, standardizes and streamlines plate inoculations with its patented cross-contamination-free technology. Although Eddy Jet 2W is mostly used by food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labs, any microbiology lab can greatly benefit from its use. Fully validated, Sterility, Simplicity.

Spin Air – Air Sampler

Microbial air contamination monitoring is a key process in facilities with special air cleanliness needs. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and cosmetic manufacturers and healthcare facilities all benefit from the use of Spin Air samplers to assess airborne bacterial and fungal bioburden.

PolyStainer – Slide Stainer

Automated slide staining is a must for labs that wish to increase their yield. The PolyStainer performs standardized staining procedures that free lab staff from labor-intensive staining procedures.General microbiology and histology labs that seek to reduce sample staining workloads will greatly benefit from its use.

Smart Dilutor W

Smart Dilutor W is the solution for labs seeking full processing capacity and traceability in gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing. This device ensures precision, speed, sample handling sterility, and detailed tracking of procedures.One and two pump units are available. User Friendly, Flexible.

Pinch Dilutor

A simple and efficient approach to streamline initial sample gravimetric dilutions is offered by the Pinch Dilutor.Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic quality control labs benefit from its optimized workflow. Pinch Dilutor offers simple and handy automation unlike any other gravimetric diluter.


The SphereFlash® is an Automatic Colony Counter that meets all the requirements for modern microbiology laboratories.With the optional Halos PRO app, the unit can be transformed to measure inhibition halos accepting various circle approximation criteria to obtain the corresponding diameters of virtual circle areas.