Dalian – China

Dalian Petroleum is developing automatic instruments based on its abundant technology

The leading automatic petroleum instruments manufacturer and also the most famous professional manufacturer in China.

DSY-003ZB Automatic Distillation Tester

Colour LCD touch screen, Standard:ASTM D86  . Automatic control distillation rate, recovery volume, and automatic determination. Real time display curves of distillation rate, heating temperature and steam temp. Convenient and easy to read and judge the test process.

DSY-002CZ Automatic Abel close cup flash point tester

Standard: ISO13736.   It is suitable for determination flash point of petroleum products and other liquid in range of -30℃~70℃. MCU control, automatic heating, ignition, detecting and report flash point by program, testing process automatically.

DSY-004   KINEMATIC Viscosity Tester

ASTM D445 – Suitable for determination of kinematic viscosity of petroleum products.  Equipped with two digital timer, can do two tests simultaneously.With temperature points calibration and saving function, temperature can be adjustable.l   Test results can be stored.

DSY-016 Foaming characteristics tester    

ASTM D892. l High and low temperature baths and controlled individually. With PID self-tuning function, temperature calibration function, high temperature control precision.Auxiliary heater designed in high temperature bath for rapid temperature rising .

DSY-207ZB  Automatic vapor pressure tester (Reid method)

Standard: ASTM D323   . Scope:It is suitable to determine the vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil or other volatile oils. l Color touch screen to display, MCU control. l Bench type, horizontal rotating direction, 350 degree rotation and automatic switch.

DSY-020D   Copper corrosion tester

Standard: ASTM D130.   Scope:It is suitable for determining the corrosiveness to copper of aviation gasoline, turbine fuel, automotive gasoline, cleaners solvent, kerosene, diesel fuel, lubricating oil, and natural gasoline or other hydrocarbons having a vapor pressure <124kPa at 37.8℃.

DSY-412  Density tester for petroleum products

Standard:ASTM D1298.  Scope:It is suitable to determine the density of transparent liquid at 15℃.l Stainless steel bath with lighting source inside. Compressor refrigerating with rapid cooling speed.l Digital display temperature, PID self-tuning function 

DSY-042Z  Micro carbon residue tester  

Standard: ASTM D4530.
Micro Carbon Residue Tester. Characteristics: MCU control, digital display temperature in oven. Automatically nitrogen sweeping, flow switch, temperature control. Real time display heating curve in full process.

DSY-202ZB Automatic close cup flash point tester

Standard:ASTM D93.  MCU control the heating procedure, automatically igniting, detecting and report flash point. Fully automatic test operation.l   8 inch Colorful LCD screen.Real time display testing status.Also can display and amend expect flash point, used standard, max flashpoint.