Hirayama / Japan

Unique lineup of high-pressure steam sterilizers.

Hirayama has dedicated in developing and manufacturing medical devices and laboratory equipment over 90 years with various sterilization equipment

HRM 242 II Autoclave

A simple operation bench – top autoclave. 16 Liter Capacity. One-touch door interlock mechanism. Automatic one-touch program selection. Automatic steam exhaust system. Full sterilization with efficient drying. Compact design plus easy maintenance.

HV Series Autoclaves

A best-selling autoclave model with various functions and good operability. Safety function that locks the lid by detecting pressure and temperature.  Equipped with various functions including culture medium dissolution. 25L, 50L, 85L and 110L

HVA Series Autoclaves

Large capacity, Economical and excellent cost performance. Forced cooling unit as standard. HVA – 85 and HVA – 110 Models. Electro-mechanical lid system. Dual Interlock Mechanism. Pulse Exhaust System. Memory Function

HG Series Autoclaves

Advanced autoclaves that can automatically open, close and lock the lid just by pressing a switch. Automatic lid opening and closing system. Electro-mechanical lid lock system Ⅱ. Dual interlock mechanism. Lid lock release temperature setting. HG-50 / HG-80

HVN Series Autoclaves

An autoclave equipped with deodorization function that can suppress unpleasant odors and vapors. Deodorization function
Electro-mechanical lid lock system
Dual interlock mechanism. Forced cooling unit. HVN – 50 and HVN – 85 Models.

HVP Series Autoclaves

This autoclave is made by incorporating a high performance vacuum pump into the HV series autoclave and equipped with fully automatic drying function. HVP – 50.Clean drying without contamination Pre-vacuum air removal using a vacuum pump.