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Universal Dissolution Tester-12

UDT-818A-12 is a 12-position dissolution tester designed by updated technology. It’s used for drug research and development, as well as for dissolution evaluation of generic drugs. UDT-818A-12 is compatible with UV, HPLC, fiber optics and dilution systems. It can perform online dissolution analysis.

System 850BDL

SYSTEM 850BDL is an automated 8-position dissolution sampling system, it contains a UDT-812A/814-8 dissolution tester, a SCR-DL sample collector, a SYP-8L-10mL syringe pump and a DSC-800 system controller. It is used for drug research and development

Universal Dissolution Tester -8

UDT-818A-8 is an 8-position dissolution tester designed by updated technology. It’s used for drug research and development, as well as for dissolution evaluation of generic drugs. Built-in dissolution accessory compartment for easy organization. Highly reliable.

Transdermal Franz Diffusion

SYSTEM 913A-12 is an automated 12-position transdermal Franz diffusion cell system designed by updated technology. It contains two FDC-6TA vertical transdermal diffusers, a SCR-DL sample collector, dual SYP-12L-10mL syringe pumps, and a DSC-800 system controller.

Disintegration Tester DST 3C

The DST-3C tester complies with the ChP and USP requirements. It is used to test the disintegration rates of solid dosage formulas, mouth films and others. Camera system to monitor and record disintegration process.Built-in printer. 3 individual operating basket control stations

Disintegration Tester DST 3-6

DST-3/6 disintegration tester complies with ChP, USP… requirements. It is used for disintegration testing for solid dosage, mouth film, etc. Dual individual water bath design for easy observation
Simultaneous testing up to 6 baskets. Easy operation.

Dragon 12

Robotic Transdermal Sampling System.DRAGON 12 is a brand new robotic 12-position transdermal sampling system that contains dry heat bubble-free diffusion cell, dual SYP-6L2B-10mL syringe pumps, dual SYP-6L2B-1mL syringe pumps, sample collector, system controller etc.

Dry Heat Diffusion Cell

DHC-6TD is a dry heating transdermal diffusion system that is designed to test in-vitro permeation rate for semi-solid dosage and topical drug formulation., as well as for cosmetics products, such as ointment, gels, transdermal patches, face masks, lotion, sunscreen, etc.

Horizontal Diffusion Cell

SDC-6 is a water jacket horizontal transdermal diffusion cell system, it is designed for testing permeation rate for fluid dosage, such as eye drops and cleansing solution. This can also be used to examine different absorption results based on drug ingredients.

Hardness Tester

HDT-400L hardness tester complies with ChP and USP requirements. It is used for measuring the diameter, thickness, and hardness of tablets/capsules. 

Friability Tester

The medicine/drug packages might break during transportation. FAB-2SP tests if the tablets/capsules’ breakage rate meets ChP and USP requirements.

Tap Density Tester

TAP-2SP density tester is designed for powder/granule tapping or tap density tests in compliance with the USP, BP, and EP requirements.